Voyager Custom Trike Kit

The Voyager Custom creates a flow from the front tire to the low style rear mud guard of the kit.  Your choice of premium fiberglass fenders compliment any motorcycle tremendously.  With the same ride as a conventional trike, it leaves you room in your wallet for traveling the country.  Hop on, ride with ease and enjoy the wind in your face.

Here’s how it works:

The Voyager Custom Trike Kit comes with your choice of premium fiberglass fenders and the sleek metal rear mud guard.  Add your choice of lights and wiring for only $200.  The H-D style light requires a specific mold on the fender.  The Voyager Custom also includes specific mounting hardware to your motorcycle, suspension hardware, 13″ Chrome rims & tires (wheel upgrades available See Accessories), trailer hitch, axle guards, jack stands, installation manual and a one-year warranty.

The Voyager Custom Trike Kit mounts onto your bike with a belly bracket that fits underneath the middle of your frame and two rear wheel axle brackets. These brackets stay on your bike when the Voyager frame is removed.

You get a better ride with the Voyager Kit because of our very stable independent suspension which makes your ride smoother and softer than a trike with a solid axle. When on a two wheel motorcycle you are able to lean up to 45-60 degrees. With the Voyager Trike Kit added to your motorcycle you will only pivot 6-12 degrees. The Voyager gives a stable ride like a conventional trike.

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Voyager Custom Hardware

Voyager Custom Trike Kit Hardware

Picture of Voyager Custom hardware (included bike specific mounting brackets not shown)

One can install the Voyager Custom Convertible Trike Kit if that person is mechanically inclined and has the knowledge to remove the rear axle and reinstall it again.

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