Voyager Custom Trike Kit

The Voyager Custom has the same ride as a trike and is defined by its fiberglass fenders & metal rear guard.  See below for additional options and prices. Why not get a trike that allows for six vacations within the budget of a conventional trike for the same ride?

$4595.00 for a motorcycle trike conversion



$4595.00 for Voyager Custom with Flared Fiberglass Fenders, which includes 2 Harley-Davidson style lights & wiring harness.

$4595.00 for Voyager Custom with Ridged Fiberglass Fenders with added Beehive or Tombstone lights & wiring harness (see Accessories).

$4495.00 for Voyager Custom with Ridged Fiberglass Fenders and no lights or wiring harness.

Here’s how it works:

The Voyager Custom Trike Kit mounts onto your bike with a belly bracket that fits onto the middle of your frame and two rear wheel axle brackets. These brackets stay on your bike when the Voyager frame is removed.

You get a better ride with the Voyager Kit because of our very stable independent suspension which makes your ride smoother and softer than a trike with a solid axle. When on a two wheel motorcycle you are able to lean up to 45-60 degrees. With the Voyager Trike Kit added to your motorcycle you will only pivot 6-12 degrees. The Voyager gives a stable ride like a conventional trike.

The Voyager Custom Trike Kit comes with fiberglass fenders and a metal rear mud guard (painted black or primer gray).

For totals & ordering, locate and contact your nearest dealer.


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One can install the Voyager Custom Convertible Trike Kit if that person is mechanically inclined and has the knowledge to remove the rear axle and reinstall it again.

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