Harley Trike Kit

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Trike Conversions by Voyager



  • Same ride, stability and steering as a conventional trike.
  • Back to two wheels in only 5-10 minutes.
  • For the same ride, what sounds better, $35,000.00 or $3,895.00?
  • Basically, for a lot less money, you get a lot more freedom.
  • Ability to move the Voyager to many other motorcycles with bike specific mounting and suspension hardware.

Liberty is the right to choose.  Freedom is the result of that choice.”

- Jules Renard

Harley Trike Kit

We never want to hear about someone giving up riding.  What’s the point of life?  The pursuit of happiness?  We think so.  That’s why we exist.  We’re here to make sure you stay on the iron horse without having to break the bank.  Get your Harley trike kit for only $3895.00.  Or dress it up with our Voyager Custom or Voyager Classic, which were designed to match your Harley-Davidson.  Our Harley motorcycle conversions can fit your new Harley-Davidson or your old one.

Give us a call to request a brochure or with questions.  In the meantime, check out how great our trike kits will make your Harley look – Harley-Davidson Trike Kit Gallery.

For ordering and totals, we have the largest and most dedicated authorized dealership network in the convertible trike kit industry.  See if there’s one near you.  Voyager Trike Kit Dealers.


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